Blue and Orange are both secondary colors but are also the opposite of each other. I decided to make a pattern, or repetition of the markers. These are both the contrast of each other since orange is a light color while blue is a dark color.


Color Filters

This photo is a picture of roses that I bought for my mother since it was her birthday. The roses are obviously red but by adding editing through the moon filter on Instagram I was able to achieve a little red to appear from the roses. By adding just a little bit of color I was able to get color filters.

Body Parts

This is a picture I took outside of my friend. This photo is obviously focusing and making emphasis on the human eye. However so many other features make up the eye such as the eyebrows right above the eye and especially the eyelashes. The human eye is what gives us the ability to see everything around us. I find it to be one of the body parts that I’m grateful for the most. We may not realize it but our eyes help us learn and move forward every single day of our lives as we are always seeing something new to be taught from.



Over the break I went to my sisters friends house and this is her Kitten Princess. The kitten is really cute and fluffy. You can see in this photo that the emphasis goes into the kitten making your eyes focus on how soft or fluffy this cat is. The lighting really brings out the cat too as well as showing the texture which is obviously the cat being very smooth, soft, and gentle.



I took this picture at Gelato Passion. This is a Strawberry and Nutella Waffle. Due to the lighting I think there is a lot of emphasis put on the ice cream in the middle since it stands out a lot as well as the alignment of the whipped cream. The chocolate syrup also shows repetition as it spread out back and forth over the waffle. This tasted amazing.


I took this picture this Saturday morning when I was around my cousins place and thought it was perfect time to go and ask a stranger if they would be accepting of me doing this assignment. After a bit of convincing I was able to learn a lot about her. I picked this person mostly because she looks young, pretty, but I was more interested in the fact that she wore a head scarf. This is called a hijab. She told me her name is Tahsina Kobir. She is 17 years old. Her height is 5’1. By the way she is dressed, I could tell she was Muslim. I asked her why she wears a hijab. She said it symbolizes modesty and privacy which I understand since my family is also Muslim. She is Persian and her favorite food is Persian Baklava. This was honestly very interesting and turned out really good. Though we encountered each other in a strange way, this was really fun and we created a cool bond.

Principal Of Design Or Gestalt Law


This was a staged photo that I took at home with just foam blocks. The photo portrays Rhythm making your eyes follow the set of blocks to the next and seeing a flow or pattern being repeated. The rhythm here can show a sense of movement as well because you can easily predict what the next pattern of the blocks would be.



This photo was taken in the morning at the park. The bars here show continuation because you can see the bar in the front is the biggest but as we go more into the picture, they get smaller and smaller making you think the bars are probably endless and always continuing with one bar after another.